“Ideas not coupled with action, will not get any bigger than the brain cells they once occupied!”

Arnold H. Glasow

This quote is at the core of our business at KENNEDY. We LOVE to brainstorm, to travel between ideas and action on a collaborative platform.

We offer customized strategies from client to client, meaning we don’t “rinse and repeat” the same tactics, hoping for the best. You know your business best, which is why we listen before we implement.

Every project starts with an exploratory conversation where we help you see the potential of your project through a creative lens.

Working together, we go to the KENNEDY design board to learn how we can best achieve your goals. It’s fun, it’s relaxed, and most importantly, it’s 100% collaborative.

Let’s Break It Down


We sit down together and review the goals associated with your project. From there, we will collaborate and agree on the scope and details of the project responsibilities.


After our initial meeting and understanding of the project scope and goals, KENNEDY prepares a recommendation, discusses priorities, goals, objectives, timing, and budget as part of an overall customized plan.


We implement our plan (together) and put all our planning sessions into action. During our project, we remain in contact by having ongoing and daily dialogue.


After project completion, we share metrics, reporting, success stories and everything in between to help visualize overall engagement as well as your desired deliverables.

“There is no one I’d rather work with or rely upon to get things done than Ryan Kennedy. He is a creative and energetic spirit and is committed to everyone and everything he does. We’ve worked together on the CIRC Board, association rebranding, and committees to plan and execute many events and golf outings. He is my go-to person for his experience and great ideas that always keep events fresh. I am always excited to help others by donating time and treasures – while having fun – at events Ryan has helped plan and execute, such as Camping for Coats, Movies on Tap and Delaware KIDS Fund 5K races.”

Janet Pippert

Executive Director, Commercial Industrial Realty Council (CIRC)

Solutions based on strategy, creativity, and collaboration.

See what we’re capable of creating together.