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Navigate the crossroads of Media, Government, and Business.

KENNEDY helps mobilize the audiences your business or initiative needs during key times or simply to build goodwill. Together, we’ll create a plan to tell your story where it will be the most impactful and then deliver it.

In the world of PR and public affairs, your ideas and storytelling abilities are as critical as the audiences you’re trying to connect with. The best voice for your message can range from a niche-specific influencer to a media conglomerate, and we’ll help you find the best fit. Whether you’re trying to promote your product or service, protect your reputation or gain recognition as a thought leader, together we can navigate this dynamic landscape.

Giving your vision a voice.

Public Relations

Need to provide education about an important issue? Gather feedback on an upcoming project? Activate a target constituency to support your efforts? We have the insight and experience needed to attract your intended audience. KENNEDY’s local and regional knowledge combined with decades of communication expertise means your audience is not only informed but engaged.
  • RCommunity Engagement
  • RExternal Communications
  • RMedia Coordination + Management
  • RMedia Training
  • RStakeholder Relations
  • RStrategic Positioning

Political Affairs

KENNEDY ’s expertise in relationship building means we know how to work with both internal and external government affairs experts and lobbyists to complement campaigns and amplify communications.

  • RCivic Engagement
  • RDirect Advocacy
  • RPolicy Research

Social Media Management

Your reputation can live or die by word of mouth and customer engagement. Today, these interactions live online more than ever through social media. For a successful social media strategy, it’s important to understand the ongoing changes in platforms and algorithms, social media laws, shifts in content trends, and the importance of meeting the public on the sites they use and engaging them on their terms. Together, we identify and build a strategic approach to match engaging content to your target audiences.

  • RContent Creation + Practices
  • REngagement
  • RPaid Campaigns
  • RPhotography + Videography Strategies
  • RSponsored Ads

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with a professional like Ryan. When he says something, he’s going to do, he delivers.”

Brian Cunningham

Communications Director, Office of New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer

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